Top 10 YouTubers in Taiwan in 2024

Hello! Did you know that influencer marketing using YouTube is all the rage in Taiwan right now? About 91% of the population uses the Internet and a whopping 93.7% watch online videos daily.

Influencer marketing is the key to success in marketing in Taiwan. Taiwanese people value word-of-mouth recommendations, customer reviews, and product comparisons. That’s why collaborating with the right YouTubers who can give credible and trustworthy opinions can be effective.

In this article, we introduce 10 popular YouTubers in Taiwan.

Top 10 YouTubers in Taiwan in 2024

  1. 阿神 
  2. 蔡阿嘎
  3. Joeman
  4. 木曜4超玩
  5. 眾量級CROWD
  6. De Jun
  7. Masa
  8. 安啾咪
  9. Sandy Mandy
  10. Hello Catie

10.Hello Catie

Subscribers: 1.08M
Topics: Beauty

Hello Catie is a YouTube beauty influencer from Taiwan. She’s a young creator who has garnered a significant following among Taiwanese beauty enthusiasts for her professional-level makeup skills.
Her primary content consists of style lookbooks, makeup tutorials, and reviews of beauty products. Additionally, Hello Catie offers glimpses into her daily life through her Daily Vlog series.

9.Sandy Mandy

Subscribers: 1.20M
Topics: Dance, Entertainment

Sandy and Mandy are known as Taiwan’s most famous twin creatives. These adorable twin sisters demonstrate their ability to dance and perform in front of the camera.
Sandy Mandy regularly uploads dance cover clips and videos of her everyday lifestyle with family and friends.


Subscribers: 1.38M
Topics: Toys, Travel

Anju launched her channel seven years ago with a focus on computer games. Since then, her YouTube channel has expanded significantly.
In 2021, Anju’s genres include toys, lifestyle diaries, and content about unboxing products.
As a former international student in Japan, she also often produces content about her life and travels in Japan.


Subscribers: 1.79M
Topics: Food

Masa is a culinary YouTuber known for his expertise in French cuisine.
Born and raised in Japan, Masa pursued his passion for cooking by studying in Canada before relocating to Taiwan to advance his career.
With his innovative cooking tutorials and proficiency in Chinese, he never fails to whet the appetites of his viewers.

6.De Jun

Subscribers: 1,9M
Topics:  Gaming

De Jun is renowned as one of the top gamers in Taiwan, boasting a sizable following of gamers and female fans alike. With exceptional gaming skills and a charismatic appearance, he transforms every gaming video into an engaging cinematic experience that captivates viewers.


Subscribers: 2.26M
Topics: Romance, Entertainment

CROWD is a YouTube channel created by a young couple named Jia Ning and Andy. The couple is known for their eye-catching fashion style.
Married at a relatively young age, they still tease and love each other like newlyweds, and viewers are intrigued by their love story.


Subscribers: 2.34M
Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Gaming

Broadcast live on Internet TV, the show is led by six talented MCs, whose names are Tai Zhiyuan, Kid, Winnie, Yang Yang, Xie Kunda, and Abe Maria, respectively.
What started as a video game variety show, the channel has now become famous for its talk shows.
You can see a lot of interesting content such as daily activities, after-work dinner sections, gaming content, and much more.


Subscribers: 2.5M
Topics: Gaming, Food, Entertainment

Joe is a Taiwanese gamer, YouTuber, and former professional esports critic.
His YouTube channel features interviews with online celebrities, product reviews, as well as many interesting food and travel-related content.
His videos showcasing Taiwanese street food have also gained popularity both at home and abroad.


Subscribers: 2.54M
Topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment

Cai Aga started his YouTube channel in 2014 by posting funny videos about “Love Taiwan”.
Since then, it has attracted millions of fans on Facebook and YouTube.In November 2017, Cai Aga formed a band with four other Youtubers and created many HIT music videos.
Cai Aga mostly posts videos of his daily life with his family, travel experiences, and funny moments at work.


Subscribers: 3.13M
Topics: Gaming

Minecraft is slowly gaining popularity on YouTube gaming channels in Taiwan.
Ashin is a young man who is passionate about producing clips about games, not only MineCraft but also other games, including a little horror game.
The reason his YouTube channel attracts nearly half a million views per video is probably due to two factors: being funny and not being boring.


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We’ve highlighted a few well-known Taiwanese YouTubers.
This time, we focused on those with over 1 million subscribers, but there are numerous other YouTubers in Taiwan.

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