The 10 Famous Japanese TikTok Influencers

The Japanese TikTok landscape boasts a diverse array of genres and captivating creators. This article introduces eight mega-influencers and two middle-influencers who have garnered significant attention in Japan.
Each of them brings their unique flair and expertise to the platform, providing content that resonates uniquely with their audience. Their videos span various fields such as fashion, beauty, cooking, and dance, garnering daily support from a large fan base.
Their presence has infused new energy into the Japanese TikTok community, offering entertainment and excitement to a wide range of viewers. Now, let’s delve into the current state of the Japanese TikTok world as we acquaint ourselves with these influencers.

The 10 Famous Japanese TikTok Influencers

  1. junya1gou 
  2. kageihina
  3. magicianshin
  4. 0906yu_rin
  5. ojas
  7. ibukitoyohedayo
  9. Erika
  10. Marina

<Mega Influencers>

1. junya1gou

Followers: 44.1M


Junya has more than 44.1 million followers.
The content of his posts, many of which are tangible, has successfully captured the attention of viewers not only in Japan but also abroad. One distinguishing factor is our ability to expand our audience by breaking down language barriers and targeting users overseas.
We are also counted as one of the top TIktokers in Japan.

2. kageihina

Followers: 10.7M


Hina Kagei posts videos of her dancing based on music that is popular overseas. Among women, she has the most followers in Japan. She has more than 10.9 million followers.
Because it incorporates music that is popular overseas, it easily catches the attention of overseas users and has succeeded in attracting a wide range of audiences.

3. magicianshin

Followers: 10.3M


Buzz Magician Shin is a magician/creator active on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, TV, and other media around the world. He has about 10.3 million followers.
Recently, he has been posting videos of him performing magic in collaboration with celebrities. He is also famous for his magic using an iPad, for which he received the Incentive Award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the Japan Media Arts Festival.

4. 0906yu_rin

Followers: 6.8M


Yuri is a TikToker who used to post videos as an active college student. He has about 6.8 million followers.
She mainly posts dance videos but also posts trending videos and collaboration videos.
Recently, he has been posting an increasing number of singing videos on YouTube as well.

5. ojas

Followers: 4.6M


Ojas is a TikToker known for sharing dance videos while being an active high school student. With over 4.6 million followers, she has garnered significant attention.
Being half Japanese and half Canadian, she carries an intriguing persona resembling a character from an educational program.
Her popularity is growing steadily in the television industry, indicating a promising future as an influencer.


Followers: 3.7M


An Instagram creator popular for his cute and surreal videos, he attracts a large audience, especially women in their 20s and 30s. Her wide range of creative and addictive videos, from horror to dance, are popular among people of all ages. As a result, she has a wealth of experience collaborating with major Japanese confectionery makers.

7. ibukitoyohedayo

Followers: 1.9M


Ibuki and Yohe, a duo of local classmates, currently hold the title of the most popular TikTok creators with over 1.9 million followers. Their repertoire includes the “World’s Fastest Talking” series and “Aru Aru,” featuring daily comedic content like surprising tales from their peers and a verification skit titled “Eve Verification,” all designed to entertain their audience with humor.


Followers: 1.8M


He is active mainly on Instagram and TikTok. He travels all over Japan, sharing information about Japanese culture, local cuisine, and leisure activities with an international audience. English-speaking countries account for more than half of his followers, and the charms of Japan that he transmits are attracting attention.

<Middle Influencers>

9. Erika

Followers: 836K


With a Japanese father and Romanian mother, she is popular for her good looks and has a wide following among both men and women, especially among Generation Z. 
She has been a model, started an apparel business, and has posted in a variety of genres including YouTube and TikTok. 
She has modeled, launched an apparel business, and posted on YouTube and TikTok, among other platforms, and is not only a hack at making herself look more attractive on TikTok, but is also adept at posting attention-grabbing beauty-related information. He is truly a pioneer of TikTok in Japan.

10. Marina

Followers: 816K


Marina is a multi-talented Instagrammer on Instagram and Tiktok and has a strong following among Japanese women.
A transparent woman, she is also active as a model. She has also appeared in the Kansai Collection, a fashion show supported by Japanese youth. Her posts on fashion and beauty attract many followers.


The TikTok world in Japan has seen a surge of diverse genres and fascinating creators. In this article, we explored their personalities and unique charms and showcased their work in various fields such as fashion, beauty, cooking, and dance.
Their videos are gaining popularity with thousands of fans every day and bringing new life to the TikTok community in Japan. Their presence is bringing fun and excitement to a wide range of viewers and expanding the world of creative content.
Let’s take a look back at the current state of the TikTok world in Japan and look forward to their continued success as we experience their charm.
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