Japan’s Live Streaming Platforms In 2024

Live streaming platforms are incredibly popular among influencers and businesses in Japan, representing one of the foremost marketing channels in the country. With Japan’s exceptional infrastructure, it’s crucial to recognize the widespread availability of live streaming platforms.

Live streaming remains highly active in Japan, with many of the top 20 most active YouTube Live channels worldwide being Japanese-owned, including 14 Vtubers. Japan contributes nearly one-fifth of YouTube Live activity and ranks as the third most visited country on YouTube, following the US and India. Moreover, substantial transactions occur on Spacha in Japan, which is also prominent on other Japanese live streaming platforms such as Pococha, 17LIVE, Niconico, Showroom, and TwitCasting.

  1. YouTube Live
  2. Twitch
  3. Mildom
  4. Mirrativ
  5. Twitcasting
  6. OPENREC.tv
  7. Niconico

1.YouTube Live

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YouTube Live Japan is a feature offered by YouTube that enables any YouTube channel owner to stream live video content, establishing itself as the premier live-streaming platform in Japan. With over 2 billion global viewers and 62 million in Japan alone, YouTube provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach a vast audience with live content. One of its key advantages is the “live chat” feature, facilitating real-time interaction between viewers and content creators, and fostering engagement.

While YouTube Live primarily entails one-way content distribution from the streamer, it remains a favored platform for influencers in Japan to disseminate live content. Moreover, it serves as an ideal platform for businesses seeking to deliver content to large audiences, such as shareholder meetings, conference presentations, and recruitment briefings. Indeed, numerous companies have opted to host their shareholder meetings on YouTube Live, capitalizing on its reach and accessibility.


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Twitch stands out as the leading game streaming platform in Japan. Developed by Amazon.com, Twitch is a video streaming service renowned for its focus on gaming, featuring specialized extensions tailored for gaming content. It serves as a hub for professional gamers engaged in esports and live streamers showcasing gameplay. However, Twitch also hosts a diverse array of content spanning food, music, and beyond.


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Mildom launched in 2019, is a relatively new streaming platform specialized in gaming content, hosting various live game streams. It supports not only live streaming but also video posting. Users can download their own video archives, and premium members can download others’ archives for offline viewing as well. On “Mildom,” streamers who meet certain criteria can monetize their content based on an “hourly wage” system. Note that some games from specific manufacturers may not be available for streaming, so it’s advisable to check beforehand.


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Mirrative is a popular app that allows for easy live streaming using a smartphone, primarily featuring mobile game streams, although PC game footage is also frequently broadcast. It enables users to create and display avatars called “Emomo,” which can mimic the broadcaster’s mouth movements. As a live streaming-only platform, while video posts are not possible, streamed videos can be archived for three days, and broadcasters can download these videos. Additionally, “Mirrative” enables users to earn revenue through tips.


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Twitcasting is one of the largest live streaming platforms in Japan with over 30 million users. The platform is partnered with X (formerly known as Twitter), and by connecting your X account to Twitcasting, you can easily turn your followers into live-streaming viewers. The number of X users in Japan is the second largest in the world. Therefore, X is a familiar social media for Japanese people. Therefore, Twitcasting is a familiar live-streaming service for Japanese.

The most attractive feature of Twitcasting is the ability to communicate with the distributor. During the video streaming, viewers can send comments, and the distributor can reply with comments. Since this can be done in real time, you can immediately ask questions and respond to things you were curious about or didn’t understand during the streaming.


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OPENREC.tv is a broadcasting platform focusing mainly on game streaming, including gameplay commentary and live eSports events. It’s known for hosting broadcaster-focused events as well. While primarily strong in live streaming, OPENREC.tv also supports video posting. Broadcasters can download their streamed content, and archives are stored for later viewing—free members can watch two videos per day, while premium members have unlimited access. Additionally, the “OPENREC Creators Program” allows monetization of live streams and video postings, now available to both free and premium members.


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Niconico is a renowned Japanese video-sharing website often likened to YouTube, also known as “Nico Nico Douga” in Japanese. It has long been a beloved live streaming platform in Japan, widely recognized by many Japanese users. While in the past it was predominantly favored by subculture enthusiasts as an alternative to YouTube, in recent years, YouTube has garnered the majority of its user base. Nonetheless, Niconico’s distinct appeal endures, maintaining its popularity. As such, it remains a noteworthy platform to consider for live streaming in Japan.


Live streaming has become a ubiquitous phenomenon in Japan. We’ve explored various live streaming platforms, each with its own user base and unique features. Brands can select and utilize the most suitable platform from these options based on their services and business goals.

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