Best Japan Travel YouTube Channels

Japanese consumers are heavily influenced by social media when making decisions about their travel plans, including destinations and activities. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are regularly used by Japanese consumers to gather travel information. Domestic tourism is immensely popular in Japan, thanks to the abundance of high-quality resorts and tourist spots, as well as the globally high standards of safety, comfort, and convenience. Consequently, Japanese travelers prefer exploring their own country.

Given this trend, numerous Japanese hotels and local resorts leverage social media for advertising purposes, often employing influencer marketing strategies. This includes partnering with influencers of various scales, from those with large followings to micro-influencers, to showcase tourist attractions across Japan.

In this context, the article highlights a YouTube video produced by a foreign creator that features Japanese travel destinations.

Best Japan Travel YouTube Channels

  1. WAO RYU! Only in Japan
  2. Abroad in Japan
  3. Internationally Me
  4. Life Where I’m From
  5. Rachel and Jun
  6. Currently Hannah 

1.WAO RYU! Only in Japan

“WAO RYU! Only in Japan” has become one of the top 5 Japan tourism channels on YouTube. His channel has many topics, including Japanese street food, Japanese subculture, and even original content about eating Japanese ramen.
While it can be tedious to go back and forth between different websites, his channel offers a one-stop solution for trip prep. His vlogs are so detailed that you will rarely need to do additional research on your own.

2.Abroad in Japan

“Abroad in Japan” presents a variety of Japanese travel content. The most memorable is the “2,000km Cycle Series. Chris, who is from England, takes on the challenge of a two-month bicycle trip across Japan, with unique projects such as navigating Kyoto with only a paper map and eating 7 kg worth of Japanese fried chicken.
His videos are unscripted, spontaneous travel blogs. Chris’s humorous personality and bold outlook are highly favored.

3.Internationally Me

“Internationally Me” is a one-woman show about her enthusiasm for the Japanese countryside. Angela provides information about Japan’s lesser-known and underrated tourist destinations.
In addition, she has a knack for taking viewers on virtual travel tours. Most of her videos feature in-person interviews that give viewers an in-depth understanding of the history, culture, and food behind a place.

4.Life Where I’m From

“Life Where I’m From” showcases the Japanese way of life. The channel is run by Canadian Greg Lam and stars his children, Aiko and Shun, as TV personalities and co-hosts. The videos are surprisingly accessible from a child-centered perspective.
They offer a lot of Japan-related content, including documentaries on the country’s tourist attractions, food, locals, and foreigners. Parents thinking of taking their children on a trip will find plenty of kid-friendly tips in Greg’s travelog.

5.Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun, a Japanese-American couple, first started on YouTube to keep each other updated during their long-distance relationship. The married pair then catapulted to fame when they uploaded a 5-minute video of a fox village in Zao. Their channel, Rachel and Jun, has since gained traction for its travel content.
Since Rachel is an expat herself, the couple does well in rolling out easy-to-follow guides, tips, and things to do for foreigners.

6.Currently Hannah

Hannah is an Australian blogger, but she is also a performer at Universal Studios Japan and a YouTuber who posts blogs about travel in Japan.
Hannah has already introduced many of Japan’s various tourist destinations. For example, we can expect rare footage of hidden spots in Japan, such as the open-air baths in Ibaraki and snorkeling on the crystal-clear coastline of Amami-Oshima.


Thus, many non-Japanese YouTubers are promoting Japanese travel destinations. Thus, YouTube activity related to travel in Japan is a very hot market.

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