Top 6 Olympic Influencers in Japan 2024

Top 6 Olympic Influencers in Japan 2024

  1. Uta Abe (Judo) 
  2. Rikako Ikee (Swimming)
  3. Rui Hachimura (Basketball)
  4. Yui Ohashi(Swimming)
  5. Harimoto Tomokazu(Table Tennis)
  6. Kanoa Igarashi (Surfing)

1.Uta Abe (Judo)

Subscribers: 340K 

Following her brother Kazumi’s victory in the men’s 66kg judo weight class, Poetry won the women’s 52kg weight class, becoming the first time a brother and sister were on top of the podium on the same day, giving momentum to the Japanese athletes from the beginning of the competition.
It was a special day for the Abe siblings, who marked a new page in Japanese sports history that will be handed down to future generations.

2.Rikako Ikee (Swimming)

Subscribers: 482K

Ikee competed in three relays at Tokyo 2020: 4x100m freestyle, mixed, and medley, reaching the finals in the medley.
But for the 21-year-old Ikegoe, who had temporarily given up competing due to leukemia, reaching this point was a miracle. What kind of competitive life she will lead in the future will be increasingly watched as she heads to Paris in 2024.

3.Rui Hachimura (Basketball

Subscribers: 829K 

Rui Yamura, a male basketball player, clinched three consecutive national championships during his high school years. While still in school, he was identified as a potential candidate for the Japan national team.
As a member of the Japanese national team, he played a pivotal role in securing Japan’s qualification for the World Cup after a 13-year hiatus. Notably, he contributed significantly to Japan’s victory over powerhouse Australia during the June 2018 World Cup Asian Qualifiers.

4.Yui Ohashi(Swimming)

Subscribers: 83K

She won the 200m and 400m individual medley events, becoming the first female swimmer in Japanese swimming history to win multiple gold medals at the Summer Olympics. She is the first Japanese swimmer since Kosuke Kitajima (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008) to win two gold medals.
With her bright smile and personality, Ohashi may become a star of Japan at this year’s Games.

5.Harimoto Tomokazu(Table Tennis)

Subscribers: 90K

The highly anticipated Olympic debut of the supernova ended with a loss in the round of 16 in singles.
However, as if to prove his significance, the 18-year-old recorded all seven wins in the team competition and contributed to the bronze medal win. Veteran Mizutani Jun leaves the stage. Finally, the era of Zhang will come.

6.Kanoa Igarashi (Surfing)

Subscribers: 2.26M 

Kanoa Igarashi grew up in California, where his parents moved from Japan. Kanoa, which means “freedom” in Hawaiian, showed natural talent from an early age, winning the 18-and-under national championship at just 14 years old.
He represented Japan at the Tokyo Olympics, where he missed a chance at gold, but won a silver medal in the first Olympic surfing competition.
In Japan, she has appeared on billboards in Tokyo as a billboard for Visa and as a brand ambassador for Shiseido.


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