Japanese women’s fashion magazines have captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts nationwide, offering a diverse array of styles and trends.
These publications go beyond conventional fashion coverage, delving into unique street styles, emphasizing beauty tips and tricks, and showcasing high-end fashion from both local and international designers. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next outfit or staying updated on the latest trends, Japanese fashion magazines are an indispensable resource.
In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the top Japanese fashion magazines that are shaping the fashion landscape in Japan and beyond. Get ready to explore a world of creativity, innovation, and style!

Top 10 Japanese Fashion Magazines

  1. MORE 
  2. ViVi
  3. Sweet
  4. non-no
  5. mina
  6. JELLY
  7. 美人百花 (Bijin Hyaka)
  8. VoCE
  9. Ray
  10. Oggi


Oggi is a magazine that offers conservative fashion ideals tailored for professional women.
While targeting women in their late 20s and 30s, its content primarily focuses on simplistic color coordination that is effortlessly adaptable and suitable for individuals in their 40s seeking a fresh look.
The majority of items featured in Oggi’s ensembles are basic in design, with minimal inclusion of trendy or standout pieces with bold designs.
These coordinated outfits are easily replicable and seamlessly transition from the workplace, incorporating a single trendy item amidst a combination of simpler pieces without appearing out of place.


Ray is a fashion magazine aimed at women in their 20s. It provides comprehensive coverage of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends, ensuring it stays current with the latest styles, which resonates well with its audience.
Ray showcases the newest fashion items and ensembles, serving as a valuable reference for readers seeking to enhance their fashion sense. Moreover, the magazine frequently highlights reader models, showcasing their personal outfits and styling choices, offering readers a more relatable and realistic source of fashion inspiration.


VoCE is a fashion magazine for women about beauty and fashion. Its readers are women in their late 20s and 30s who are particularly interested in information on beauty and fashion.
VoCE’s greatest feature is its ability to quickly disseminate the latest information on beauty and fashion. For beauty, it is the first to publish information on new cosmetics products, beauty techniques, beauty appliances, etc. For fashion, it is the first to publish information on the latest fashion trends. As for fashion, it is the first to introduce trendy fashion items and how to coordinate them.

7.美人百花 (Bijin Hyaka)

The theme of Bijin Hyakka is “28 years old, declaring to be a “girl” for life! The magazine is full of fashion and beauty articles targeting the Alaska generation.
The magazine is full of fashion and beauty articles targeting the Alaska generation.
The magazine proposes elegant styles that can be worn to the workplace while still enjoying the glamorous, sexy, and maturely cute fashions. The site also features cute adult fashions that look great on women.
There is also a wealth of beauty information that goes well with adult cute fashion, including makeup methods and hairstyles using the latest cosmetics, which can be enjoyed in conjunction with the glamorous coordination featured in the magazine.


JELLY is an adult gal magazine for girls in their early 20s who yearn for a spicy casual style that is cooler than cute and that is unique to them with sharply pointed coordinates.
The magazine offers the coolest makeup tips, coordinates using popular brands for girls with a dry sense of style, and a wide variety of fashion and beauty items, as well as a wealth of entertainment and culture.


mina is a casual fashion magazine that covers the interests of casual-oriented girls.
It features not only fashion and makeup, but also culture and lifestyle that are unique to this era, and is filled with “What I want to know because it’s now! The magazine is characterized by its pages filled with “What I want to know because it’s now!


non-no is a popular magazine for girls around 20 years old who love fashion and beauty. A popular magazine for girls around 20 years old who love fashion and beauty.
Focusing on college students, the magazine is packed with information that can be incorporated immediately, such as daily self-makeup techniques, love counseling, and pattern techniques for events!
The magazine also features interviews with popular celebrities and information on culture, such as hot items that look great on Instagram!
The magazine is also attractive in that it constantly publishes special features that solve women’s problems at once, such as advice on choosing the right suit for job hunting and makeup techniques, specifically for college students.


Sweet is a fashion magazine tailored for women in their late 20s.
Under the theme of “Adult Cute Sweet World,” it showcases sophisticated yet cute makeup techniques and styling.
The magazine offers abundant up-to-date information, including best-selling items from popular brands, styling tips for affordable brands, personal outfit records from tasteful women, and recommendations from models and store staff.
While fashion remains the focal point, Sweet also presents compelling content covering hair, makeup, beauty, columns by well-known celebrities, profiles of current trendsetters, and introductions to items ideal for various events.


Vivi is a magazine brimming with content beloved by women in their 20s.
Its popularity extends beyond Japan to China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, where it is also published.
Primarily aimed at female office workers and university students, the magazine covers trendy fashion, stylish makeup, hair, beauty, and cooking.
With its emphasis on coolness that resonates with women, Vivi has become a cherished publication admired by many.


MORE is greedy and self-paced. It is a magazine supported by a wide range of people, including women in their 20s, that provides fashion, beauty, money, and lifestyle information that should be enjoyed by women who are not overly fussy about their lives.
The main content is geared toward single women, with plenty of fresh information such as seasonal information, hot brands and items, popular brands’ best-selling rankings, and scene-specific coordinates.
The magazine also features information on new arrivals of high-brand models, and many articles that get close to the real faces of the models, capturing the hearts of women!


Japanese women’s fashion magazines transcend the boundaries of traditional publications by offering a diverse range of styles and trends, encompassing unique street styles, beauty insights, and high-end fashion. They serve as essential sources of inspiration and trend guidance for fashion enthusiasts.

This article spotlighted Japan’s leading fashion magazines, which play pivotal roles in shaping both local and global fashion landscapes for a broad audience.

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