Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Japan in 2024

Are you looking for the best gaming YouTubers in Japan in 2024 Japan has a rich history and a long-standing reputation as a global hub for the game industry.
In recent years, the gaming landscape in Japan has seen a shift due to the popularity of social media platforms and influencers. Thousands of Japanese YouTubers are now sharing videos, using their channels to show off their gaming skills and thoughts to millions of fans.
So, let’s dive in and explore the most popular YouTube channels for gaming in Japan!

Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Japan 2024

  1. HikakinGames
  2. Kiyo
  3. POCKY
  4. 2BRO
  5. Hajime Syacho 2 (hajime)
  6. Maizen
  7. Retoruto
  8. radaooo
  9. TIE Ru
  10. Naruni


Subscribers: 580K
Topic: Horror

Naruni is a creator known for his original game reviews, strategy guides, and play-by-play videos. His deep, appealing voice and unique perspective, combined with his accurate and easily understandable insights into games, have earned him enthusiastic popularity among viewers.

9.TIE Ru

Subscribers: 835K
Topic: Game Live, Apex

TIE Ru is a Japanese YouTuber. He runs the video creation group TIE Cinema. He is mainly engaged in the distribution of live-action montage videos of FPS games, and held the 4th place in overall kills in the world and the 1st place in sniper kills in the world for the PC version of the FPS game “Battlefield V.” He is also a member of the “Battlefield V” team.


Subscribers: 1.19M
Topic: Minecraft, Among Us

radaooo is a Japanese YouTuber.A video game distribution channel that posts live video games in a wide range of genres, including Among Us and Minecraft. The channel has a long history of live gaming and has a large and deep-rooted fan base.


Subscribers: 2.42M
Topic: Game Live, Nintendo

This channel is all about live gaming, run by two Japanese YouTubers, with a focus on a slightly older audience. These two real-life brothers go by the stage names 兄者 (Anijya) and 弟者 (Otojya), which mean “older brother” and “little brother” in Japanese.
Two brothers playing a variety of games, most of which are for slightly older audiences. Games include: Call of Duty, PUBG, Cuphead, Shadow of War and many overs.


Subscribers: 2.81M
Topic: Minecraft

Maizen is a YouTube channel operated by three YouTubers named Zenichi (JJ in the English Channel), Mikey, and Carrie.
They have uploaded over 1,300 videos and are known for their gaming and entertainment-style content. Most of their content features Minecraft videos and Roblox games, showcasing creativity and cleverness.

5.Hajime Syacho 2 (hajime)

Subscribers: 2.88M
Topic: Comedy, Card Games

Hajime Shacho, widely known as Hajime, is a Japanese YouTuber. He produces a wide variety of content and runs his channel on YouTube. Hajime posts entertaining videos introducing toys, conducting experiments, taking on challenges, and sharing everyday events. His unique style and humorous content are well-received by his fans and attract a large audience.
His gaming channel features videos related to “Attack on Titan,” based on the Japanese manga series, as well as the action-packed hunting series “Monster Hunter.”


Subscribers: 3.1M
Topic: FPS, Simulation Games

This channel is dedicated to live gaming and is run by two Japanese YouTubers who cater to a slightly older audience. These real-life brothers go by the stage names 兄者 (Anijya) and 弟者 (Otojya), which translate to “older brother” and “little brother” in Japanese.
The duo plays a variety of games, most of which are geared towards a slightly older audience. Games include Call of Duty, PUBG, Cuphead, Shadow of War, and many others.


Subscribers: 3.4M
Topic: FPS, indie, and VR (virtual reality)

Pocky is Having more than 3.28M subscribers, this Japanese gaming YouTuber plays games with long stories.
He also occasionally streams and does reaction videos.
Pocky loves to play playful and horror games thoroughly – from start to finish.
Because of this, his videos can be hours long.
If you are a business looking for a Japanese gaming YouTuber to collaborate with, you can choose Pocky and prepare to gain more exposure with his massive audience.


Subscribers: 4.5M
Topic: Game Live, Nintendo, Horror

Originally from Hokkaido, Kiyo is renowned for his lively approach to live gaming. As a gaming YouTuber in Japan, he excels in genres like horror, action, racing, and sports games.
It’s an ideal channel for horror game enthusiasts, as most videos feature at least two players, creating a fun and friendly atmosphere. Some of the most popular games on this channel include The Crooked Man, Liar Game, Friday the 13th: The Game, and GTA Online.


Subscribers: 5.95M
Topic:  Nintendo, Comedy, Minecraft

Hikakin, born Hikaru Kaihatsu, is a renowned Japanese YouTuber, beatboxer, and co-founder of UUUM, a Japanese media network. He is among the most famous YouTubers in Japan, managing four active official YouTube channels: HIKAKIN (his main channel), HikakinTV, HikakinGames, and HikakinBlog. Additionally, he maintains popular Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram accounts. HikakinGames, Japan’s most subscribed gaming channel, boasts over 2,120 videos and 7.2 billion views.


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