Top 10 Asian American and Pacific Islander Influencers in 2024

Asian American influence can be easily seen in mainstream America, from the grocery aisle to television shows to digital content channels like YouTube. The adoption of Asian-inspired staples such as Sriracha, sushi, yoga, and Korean beauty techniques and products (K-beauty) is due to the rapid growth and empowerment of Asian American consumers. It’s possible. Meanwhile, Asian American influencers such as social media personalities, star athletes, and bloggers are also appealing to general consumers, helping give this cornerstone of Asian culture crossover appeal.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), as the term suggests, have roots in China, Japan, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Hawaii, and collectively speak more than 100 languages. Although AAPI individuals may share common struggles, culture, and history related to ethnicity, they are an incredibly diverse group. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Asian American and Pacific Islander influencers.

TOP 10 Asian American and Pacific Islander Influencers in 2024

  1. Kei Simmons
  2. Aimee Song
  3. Eugenie Grey
  4. CantoMando
  5. Bretman Rock
  6. Alan Chikin Chow
  7. Asia Jackson
  8. Zain Shah
  9. Gabriella Gibbs
  10. Kal Penn

1.Kei Simmons

Kei was born and raised in Colorado to a Japanese mother and an American father. Growing up as a Japanese American, he was always interested in dance and pop culture, so he began filming and posting videos of his dance and school life. Currently he has moved to Tokyo with his family and works full-time as a content creator and young dancer, producing videos

2. Aimee Song

Amy Song is a Korean-American influencer. The globetrotter posts content that combines lifestyle, fashion, and beauty, and advocates for mental health to her 7.3 million Instagram followers.
She began documenting her aspirational style in 2008 on her blog Song of Style, which she also named the clothing line she launched with Revolve in 2019. Song is so focused on her Asian representation that she even had a Barbie doll made in her likeness. “I know how lonely it feels when you’re a kid and not having a doll that doesn’t look like you. So I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure my Barbie is representative of Asian people. ,” she told Teen Vogue.

3.Eugenie Grey

Eugenie Gray is a content creator and influencer focused on travel, beauty, wellness, and fashion lifestyle. She is a Filipino-American entrepreneur and started her career as a blogger.
She shares fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle content on her blog Feral Creature, YouTube channel, and Instagram. She is also particularly known for providing information about her sustainable fashion and ethical lifestyle.
Her content has influenced many followers and provides a variety of information for people interested in fashion and beauty. She has gained attention for her unique style and candid approach, and is one of the influential figures in the fashion industry and influencer marketing.


CantoMando is a group of Chinese-Canadian creators active on YouTube. They offer a variety of content, mainly comedy and entertainment. Their channel offers a wide variety of content including sketches, challenges, talks, and experiments, with the aim of making viewers laugh and thinking.
Although based in Canada, CantoMando produces content that incorporates Chinese culture and values, reaching a wide audience, including the Asian community. Their channel has attracted many followers and is popular for its humorous content.

5.Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock is a Filipino-American makeup artist and social media personality. He is mainly active on YouTube and Instagram, providing content related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.
His unique personality and playful video content have attracted many fans, especially his advice and tutorials on makeup and skin care. His content is diverse and incorporates fresh ideas, which has helped him grow his fan base.
Bretman Rock has a unique style and influence in the makeup industry, while also attracting fans with his unique personality and outspokenness, earning him a wide following.

6.Alan Chikin Chow

Alan is one of the top YouTube creators with 25.8 million subscribers and over 26 million video views. As a couple YouTuber, his YouTube channel consists of various comedy videos and short videos, including common scenes of couples. Moreover, he is also an actor and a writer.

7.Asia Jackson

Los Angeles-based actor and producer Asia is a well-known influencer. Beyond her roles in shows like “Modern Family” and “Speechless,” she is an activist who challenges colorism and celebrates diversity in beauty with the #MagandangMorenx movement. She shares outfit ideas, fashion inspiration, and perspectives on the development of fashion with an eye toward honoring her own background.

8.Zain Shah

Zayn is a non-binary South Asian style influencer. Their bold fashion choices and unabashed self-acceptance landed them the cover of Bond’s official magazine and her Fguk magazine. Moreover, he is a leading artist with 440,000 followers on Instagram. He has built a reputation as the go-to source for “gender-bending” clothing and South Asian-owned cosmetics lines.

9.Gabriella Gibbs

Along with her sister Alyssa (“Chi”), Gabriela is one half of the pop duo Gibbs the Duo. This Filipino makeup artist promotes her products with a seriously hip retro vibe and dramatic flair. Join her 161K Instagram followers to see her playful antics and incredible transformations.

10.Kal Penn

Kal Penn is an Indian American who is not only an influencer but also an actor.For example, his representative works include the “Harold & Kumar” series.
He also has an academic lecturer side and is the author of You Can’t Be Serious. He is also a former White House staffer in the Obama administration and is also a political activist.
He works to protect the rights of immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community.


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