The 20 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in Japan – 2024

If you are looking to successfully market in Japan, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to enter the Japanese market.

Marketing activities in Japan can be challenging due to the differences in Japanese culture and ideology, as well as in terms of the national character. In addition, the Japanese are cautious and reluctant to spend money, and are wary of brands they see for the first time. Therefore, if you are going to be successful in Japan, you need to establish recognition, trust, and credibility for your brand with the Japanese. Using well-known influencers in Japan is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels in Japan. The social networking penetration rate among Japanese is over 80%, and most Japanese Internet users are also exposed to social networking on a daily basis. Younger generations in particular are frequent users of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. In addition, there are many other opportunities to be exposed to various social media platforms such as X, Facebook, etc., leading to a rapid increase in the number of influencers.

The 20 Best  Influencer Marketing Agencies  Japan 2024

  1. hotice
  2. Toridori Marketing
  3. Cross Ring
  4. Find model
  5. 3minute
  7. Gaiax
  8. Promost
  9. Cocolable
  10. tete marche
  11. Any Mind
  12. Klear
  14. Influencer Japan
  15. A STREAM
  16. Moribus
  17. SPRAY
  18. Talema.
  20. LIW


hotice is a company specializing in influencer marketing in Japan and other Asian countries.
Based in Tokyo, Hotice reaches out to creators to accomplish brand needs.hotice draws from a network of over 5,000 influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. We can recommend the best influencers for your marketing activities in Japan. hotice also offers SNS management, consulting, ad serving, and video editing services in Japan.
Furthermore, their company is staffed by native English speakers, so communication in English is very smooth.Because hotice can suggest the best influencers for any industry or service, they can be a great help to international brand companies looking to enter the Japanese market.When considering these services, you may want to consider hotice.

2.Toridori Marketing

Toridori Marketing is a company that provides a platform for social networking customer attraction measures in Japan.
Their services can be combined to measure products and services from awareness to purchase consideration.They have two services called “toridori marketing” and “toridori likes”.
Toridori Marketing is a platform-based service that directly matches companies with influencers.
Its service is offered at a fixed monthly fee, providing a low-cost and easy way for anyone to experience the benefits of influencer PR.
It is also attractive because of its reliable support system that ensures that PR is conducted in accordance with Japanese law.

3.Cross Ring

Cross Ring is a marketing company of the KDDI group, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications companies.
They are a leading company in the Japanese influencer marketing industry, founded in 2003.
Cross Ring has developed an analytics engine called SPRAY.
It performs detailed profiling of “images” and “text” posted on social media by social networking accounts, including influencers, through image analysis and natural language processing.
They possess technology that not only visualizes influence, but also automates the ongoing operation of campaign initiatives and the establishment and improvement of PDCA flows using deep insight information such as account interest data and fan demographic data.
With their industry-leading know-how and technology, they can be a strong partner to help brands and advertising agencies that need safe influencer marketing that complies with Japanese laws and regulations.

4.Find model

Find Model is a service that enables casting from celebrities who have appeared on Japanese TV to micro-influencers who have many core fans in their niche.
It is a PR service that can reach up to 250 million+ Japanese people with their real impressions through SNS.
Their services include Japanese influencer PR, SNS ad management agency, and SNS official account representation.
Their strengths are the high quality of their influencers, the speed and quality of the content of the reports submitted after PR implementation, and the low price with no initial cost.
You can also rest assured that their service scope covers not only the inflow to your website, but also real marketing such as stores.


3minute is a company that provides comprehensive support for social media marketing.
You will be able to get one-stop support for all the influencer marketing-related tasks you need in Japan, including strategic planning, content planning, live streaming support, analysis improvement, influencer casting, and more.
They also have a solid creative team that will bring your marketing plan to life.
This company has a team of highly experienced video creators, art directors, and photographers.
They will help you realize your strategy-based plan with speedy and high-quality creative and contribute to generating results.
You can also rest assured that the company has planners who are well versed in Japanese social media trends and markets.


THECOO describes itself as a company that “continues to challenge the impossible,” and is working to “create a society in which individuals can freely express themselves and play an active role without fear of failure. Their digital marketing business is a digital advertising company in Japan.
Their digital marketing business specializes in digital advertising and influencer marketing in Japan.
A group of marketing professionals with extensive experience at major advertising agencies and advertising media companies will help you with your marketing and PR in Japan.
They are particularly strong in two areas: influencer marketing measures utilizing YouTubers and Instagrammers, and consulting for listing ads and other managed advertising.
They also offer an influencer planning and analysis tool called “iCON Suite,” which is great for helping you cast influencers in Japan.


Gaiax is a well-established company that has been in the business since the dawn of social media marketing in Japan, and has many years of knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries and all media.
Gaiax can provide not only operational support for Japan’s social networking sites, but also research on potential customers, from awareness to recommendations.
They customize the best measures that lead to cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral changes in Japanese consumers, and propose and provide overall optimization marketing centered on SNS.
They cover SNS operation agency, SNS marketing strategy design, creative photography and production, marketing research, SNS posting and consulting, as well as countermeasures against SNS flames.
They offer many services in one company, so you will be able to find the best negative service for you.


Promost provides a variety of web-based customer attraction services, content creation, and risk management services in Japan.
They also provide SEO, MEO, and ad management in Japan, but SNS ad management is also their area of expertise.
They also provide SEO on Instagram and are a company with strengths in attracting new customers and acquiring new clients.
Their SNS ads are on Facebook, Instagram, LINE, X, and many others, and they can help you reach out to the SNSs that Japanese people use most often from multiple angles.


Cocolable is a company with strengths in e-commerce site operations in Japan, but also has strengths in SNS advertising management business and social media management agency business.
Other strengths include EC consulting business in Japan, video marketing business, and Amazon consulting business.
If you want to run a successful and successful e-commerce site in Japan, they can help you with influencer marketing and a wide range of support as well as SNS marketing.
They say that the key to success in SNS advertising in Japan is the use of quality creative (video and still images).
They specialize in providing one-stop support from production to operation of these services to produce results.

10.tete marche

In addition to communication planning such as SNS operation support and brand production, tete marche has its own research institute, data analysis tools, and big data.
Based on their assets, they contribute to solving clients’ issues from both “Creative” and “Scientific” perspectives.
In their SNS account management, they provide value aimed at expanding your company’s brand message, and help improve issues such as resources and know-how of the people in charge of operation.
Furthermore, they can also help with brand production.
With their “strategic planning” and “communication design” reflecting user insights that they have cultivated through SNS marketing support, they will connect the future of your brand with the hidden truths of Japanese consumers and create a brand that will be truly loved by those who share and resonate with your brand. We are looking forward to working with you.

11.Any Mind

Any Mind is a company that supports a series of marketing activities such as influencer casting, operation, and effectiveness measurement based on a dedicated platform.
Their platform has functions that allow you to efficiently search for the best influencers for PR, analyze competing accounts, and measure the effectiveness of your work.
The strength of the system is that it can maximize advertising effectiveness even when the company’s marketing issues are unclear, as it proposes plans for casting methods and measures that match the budget.
It also offers a full range of options, such as Youtube retargeting and other ad delivery, and collaborating with influencers to create original brands.


Klear is a marketing platform that aggregates influencer information from around the world.
Of course, it can also be used for influencer marketing in Japan.
It picks up outstanding influencers based on the company’s own influencer evaluation criteria: number of followers, True Reach, and influence index. Selected influencers can be contacted as appropriate within the platform.
In addition, influencers’ activity status, engagement, and other results can be checked on the platform, making it easy to set KPIs and implement improvement measures.


REECH DATABASE is a platform to improve the efficiency of influencer marketing.
It is a one-stop service that handles everything from searching and casting Japanese influencers to post-appointment effectiveness analysis and management.
The search engine has accumulated data from over 250,000 accounts, allowing you to efficiently pick up the right people for your services.
In addition, we can streamline all other phases of operations, including candidate list creation, contact, and post-appointment reporting.

14.Influencer Japan

Influencer Japan is a directed influencer casting service with a network of 2.1 million influencers in Japan and abroad.
Influencers are selected and offered through strict screening criteria based on independent research into such factors as “whether or not they are padding their followers,” and are thus characterized by their high quality.
Furthermore, the industry’s highest level consultants, who have been involved in SNS in Japan for many years, will propose the best influencers for your promotion.
One-stop service from interviews, selection and assignment of influencers, post management, effectiveness measurement and reporting.


A STREAM is a marketing tool that improves operational efficiency by selecting the most appropriate influencers through highly accurate searches, allowing users to search and analyze from approximately 1.4 million accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
It aggregates more than 50 pieces of data, including follower attributes as well as active rates, interests, and more. When searching for influencers, users can set criteria from over 30 filters to list appropriate influencers.
Influencers who are buying followers can be detected, and actions from non-followers can also be aggregated. Furthermore, a function to select multiple target general users and search for accounts they follow in common is also included.


Moribus is a patented marketing tool that enables influencer casting by AI.
The AI automatically extracts suitable cast members from approximately 60,000 influencers registered in the database.
Similar influencers are displayed with suggestions, making it easy to compare with others with similar criteria. Another feature is the ability for AI to recommend hashtags suitable for posts.


A marketing tool that uses AI to select the influencers that companies are looking for; AI automatically lists influencers that are aligned with the objectives of the campaign or project. When used in conjunction with the search function, the tool can pick up influencers that are closer to the image of the influencer. In addition, the tool can also visualize the male/female ratio and age distribution of an influencer’s followers.
Candidate influencer lists and analysis reports can also be created with a single click. Schedule management for each project can also be completed within the platform, contributing to the overall efficiency of influencer marketing operations.


An influencer marketing service specializing in matching Japanese YouTubers. There are no basic fees or monthly usage fees, and once you register an account, you can immediately search for registered YouTubers.
On the platform, YouTubers disclose their desired compensation amounts, and requests can be made while checking budgets and market rates.


NEUTRAL WORKS is a marketing company that handles everything from influencer casting to content production and operation based on its extensive expertise in web marketing.
Because the company handles everything from content planning and design to effectiveness verification in an integrated manner, it is able to bring out the benefits of using influencers more quickly. The company also covers all major Japanese social networking sites such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.


An influencer marketing company that provides support to client companies from problem identification based on a proprietary platform.
Expert staff provides full support from platform utilization to analysis and influencer assignment, contributing to the expansion of product recognition and user acquisition.
Another unique service is that the company directly interviews influencers about their impressions of PR products, trends, and other information, which is then shared with the client company. Issues extracted from the content of the interviews can be immediately linked to improvements.


The Japanese market is attractive, but consumers are very picky. Consumers want to choose products and brands they can trust. They use social media a lot, and the number of influencers in Japan has increased proportionately. It can also be said that marketing activities have become easier for brands.
However, with a large number of influencers, there is a risk that you may not be able to correctly select the right influencer for your company. That’s why it’s important to borrow the expertise of Japanese influencer marketing experts.

We hope this article helps you implement the ideal influencer marketing. These reputable distributors have earned the trust of major brands and have delivered excellent results in the Japanese market. We wish you great success with your future marketing campaigns.
We provide a sales and marketing support service to help influencers and creators
to be continuously active on social networking sites, we support them in various ways
We will support influencers and creators in a variety of ways, focusing on the sales aspect.

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