Top 7 Japanese  Travel Influencer in 2024

There are many travel Youtubers in Japan. In some cases, they travel within Japan, and in others, they often upload videos of their trips abroad on their own YouTube accounts. Japan is an island country and people tend to feel special happiness when traveling abroad, so these travel YouTubers have a large number of viewers.
Therefore, this time we will introduce several travel Youtubers who are well-known in Japan.
By collaborating with the creators featured in this article, you will be able to accurately approach Japanese people who are interested in traveling.

Top 7 Japanese  Travel Influencer in 2024

  3. joe blog
  4. Suit Travel
  5. Solo Solo Travel
  6. Suzukawa Ayako
  7. Onoda


Exit Jack is unique in that it not only visits tourist destinations that are popular with Japanese people, but also places that are said to be dangerous to visit. For example, they step into slums and make the viewers’ hearts flutter. As such, he has shared videos of many thrilling and fun experiences he has had during his travels.


Although he is mainly active on TikTok and Instagram, his Youtube channel is also very popular.A creator who wears a mask and has a mysterious appearance, but the quality of his content is well-received.He travels all over Japan, disseminating information on Japanese culture, local gourmet food, leisure information, etc. to overseas audiences. More than half of his followers are from English-speaking countries, and the appeal of Japan that he conveys is attracting attention.

3.joe blog

He is also a very distinctive Youtuber. For example, he has successfully crossed or traversed four of the world’s five continents, including crossing the American continent for 0 yen, crossing the South American continent, crossing the African continent, and crossing Europe.
His traveling style is basically hitchhiking and using a worn-out bike. Of course, it was also dangerous, and he once rafted down the Amazon River, collided with a tanker, and was thrown into the river. In addition, we conduct undercover interviews in slums around the world.

4.Suit Travel

He is a YouTube travel content creator who constantly travels solo around Japan and around the world.
He always wears a suit in his videos, hence the name of his channel. He shares his knowledge about many public transport and accommodation options. His wealth of travel knowledge and experience is probably why he is loved.

5.Solo Solo Travel

He introduces his travel experiences not only in Japan but also in other countries. Most of his YouTube videos feature luxurious travel experiences such as luxury sleeper trains and first class air travel. In addition, we also introduce some mid-priced accommodations, so we have a wide audience.

6.Suzukawa Ayako

She is a Japanese content creator best known for her love of trains. She shares her knowledge and experience about various public transportation. She mainly broadcasts her activities in Japan, but she also introduces railways outside of Japan.


He is a Youtuber who focuses on luxury travel. He mainly creates videos about special travel experiences on airplanes. His most viewed video is about his Singapore Airlines Suite class experience, which has been viewed more than 3.6 million times. His luxurious and special travel experiences are very popular in Japan.


Japan has many Japanese YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok travel content creators who travel both within Japan and abroad.
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