Top 10 YouTubers in Japan in 2024

YouTube is a very popular SNS in Japan. Not only does it have an entertainment element, but it is also important for companies’ marketing efforts, making it a powerful platform for brands to connect with Japanese consumers. Every day, thousands of Japanese YouTubers enthusiastically create rich and diverse content. They don’t just upload videos, they create triggers and standards for Japanese consumers to make purchasing decisions. In fact, millions of Japanese people trust the recommendations and opinions of popular Youtubers.
According to Google data, she has over 71 million YouTube users over the age of 18 in Japan. Also, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, more than 87% of Japanese people in their teens to 60s watch YouTube. This proves Youtube’s overwhelming position and influence in Japan.
YouTube in Japan offers a variety of content aimed at specific age groups. This allows brands to tailor their marketing efforts and effectively reach different demographics. Different types of Japanese YouTubers are active in different fields.
On the other hand, if you request a creator with a large number of subscribers, you will not necessarily have a marketing effect. When using Japanese Youtubers for marketing activities, it is necessary to fully understand the nature of the creators and use creators that are suitable for your company.
Here we will introduce creators in various fields who are supported by Japanese people.

Top 10 YouTubers in Japan in 2024

  2. hajime
  3. Fischer’s
  5. Comdot
  6. Kokentetsu
  7. Risa Sekine
  8. Pannacota
  9. Hana-kin couple
  10. Shukuro kara yofukashi


HIKAKIN is one of Japan’s top YouTubers and loved by many of the public.
HIKAKIN is an excellent beatboxer, and many of his beatbox videos are based on his skills, and it was his beatbox videos that made him famous.
He also uploads videos of daily life events and talk shows, and he is very communicative with his fans, as well as providing viewers with extraordinary experiences, such as reviews of his bomb purchases and luxury goods purchases.
Not only that, but he also performs live gaming, playing popular games and interacting with his viewers.
He is loved not only for his videos but also for his personality, making him one of Japan’s top Youtubers.


He is one of the longest-serving YouTubers and has become a legend at a young age in Japan. He is a super free YouTuber whose motto is “freedom”. He makes videos about anything he wants to do in all genres, mainly experimental ones, and has gained overwhelming support from young people for his physical jokes and innovative and elaborate videos that no one else would do. In October 2015, a Guinness record was obtained for 740 people who fell down.


They produce a variety of content including entertainment, variety, and comedy. The members are mainly young comedians, and they mainly work as a group. They come up with plans together and aim to entertain viewers through various challenges, games, talk corners, etc.


They mainly produce comedy and entertainment content. Based in the Tokai region, the group’s members are mainly comedians and performers. They aim to make viewers laugh and have fun through various projects, challenges, talk sessions, etc.
The members are characterized by their love for their hometown and close friendship, and content production is done with an emphasis on communication. There are many projects that involve viewer participation, and there is a lot of interaction with fans.


Comdot is a group of YouTube creators formed by five childhood friends with the slogan “Bringing local vibes to the nation.”
They are overwhelmingly popular with Generation Z.
Their YouTube page attracted attention for their “aggressive planning” and each member’s unique character. They are highly popular as they post videos focusing on projects that take advantage of the humanity of each member and the interactions between members.
Another strength of theirs is that they have a wide range of fans, regardless of gender.


After serving as an assistant to his mother, Li Yinglin, a culinary expert, for three years, he became independent as a culinary expert. He is currently active in various media as a noted cooking researcher in Japan, and his YouTube videos are also gaining popularity. He introduces delicious and easy-to-make dishes at home, and has gained popularity among viewers over the age of 50.

7.Risa Sekine

She is a representative female YouTuber.
She makes many beauty-related videos and shares makeup techniques that you can try in your daily life, as well as useful information such as affordable makeup and cosmetic reviews. She is especially popular for her “make-up while chatting” style. On the other hand, she also has videos that cover a variety of women’s lifestyles, such as travel, coordination, diet, and nails, making her a channel that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people.


He is one of the most popular YouTubers in Japan. A popular creator of moppang videos that use ASMR and content for children.
He actively responds to the unreasonable comments from the viewers, and there is also a side where he puts his body on the line and does his best.
On the other hand, he is also popular with women due to his sweet looks.
He is the perfect creator for a campaign that appeals to Gen Z.

9.Hana-kin couple

Hanakin Couple is a YouTuber couple consisting of a “trading company man” and a “receptionist” who are rapidly becoming a hot topic on Japanese SNS. Hanakin is a uniquely Japanese name for Friday, which means a gorgeous Friday. They are a couple, a trading company employee who is considered to be Japan’s elite, and a receptionist who is considered to have a glamorous occupation. They recently announced their marriage and are now active as Japan’s leading couple YouTuber.

10.Shukuro kara yofukashi

Shukuro Kara Yofukashi is a five-member YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers. All of them are in their 30s and have experienced adult relationships. They have gained support from women of a wide range of ages for their frank talk about the psychology of men in love. In addition, they continue to post videos in a wide range of genres such as drama series and projects, and their instructions are increasing day by day. They also published a book, which was very well received.


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