Top 10 Korean YouTubers in 2024

YouTube is the main source of entertainment for many Koreans and has spawned thousands of unique YouTube creators in the country. Influencer marketing is most popular in Korea in categories as diverse as beauty, tech, fashion, luxury, and fitness.

YouTube influencers are often chosen for brand campaigns because they are effective at engaging relevant audiences.

If you’re looking for the top YouTubers in South Korea, this list features the top 10 YouTubers in the country. Take a look then.

Top 10 Korean YouTubers in 2024

  1. PONY Syndrome
  2. Psick University
  3. freezia
  4. Bread Unnie
  5. One Bite of Knowledge
  6. girls_planet
  7. DoubleSoup
  8. Cheonddung 
  9. onuk
  10. INGHWA


Subscribers: 200K
Topics: Beauty,Vlog,Fashion

INGHWA is a beauty x fashion YouTuber.
Not only her makeup, but also her videos are very fashionable and she has a great sense of style.
She also explains her makeup carefully so that anyone can copy it.
Her fashion videos are also popular with viewers because she carefully explains how to match items.


Subscribers: 453K
Topics: Vlog

onuk is a famous Korean VLOG YouTuber.
She is popular for making videos of the ordinary routines of daily life and reminding us that there are many fun and happy things in our daily lives.


Subscribers: 693K
Topics: Mukbang, Food, Vlog

Cheonddung is a South Korean YouTuber. With over 3 million views per month, his channel, which focuses on blogging and mukbang, has quickly gained an enthusiastic following. Mukban content is a growing trend in Korea, with fans seeking the satisfaction of seeing pretty plates and hearing the sounds of food cooking.


Subscribers: 700K
Topics: Beauty

Soup is a highly popular beauty YouTuber in Korea.
She offers a variety of videos covering skincare routines, Korean cosmetic brands, and Japanese cosmetics, as well as Korean makeup tutorials and vlogs.


Subscribers: 1.0M
Topics: Lifestyle

This is a YouTube video by illustrator 밤하느리, who lives with her three adorable dogs on Cheju Island.
She shares her peaceful and joyful life with her three dogs, a Labrador Retriever named Sonyo (Girl), a Pomeranian named Henson (Planet), and a Welsh Corgi named Uju (Universe), through YouTube.

5.One Bite of Knowledge

Subscribers: 1.2M
Topics: Current issues, News, Politics

Bits of Knowledge covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, and social issues, all presented in an engaging and entertaining manner. Viewers can get solid information on serious topics in less than 15 minutes. What is impressive about this channel is that the creators use their storytelling skills to turn serious topics into something engaging. For those who want a break from serious content, there are also entertainment-related videos such as “Human Chanel, Black Pink Jenny.”

4.Bread Unnie

Subscribers: 1.21M
Topics: Vlog, Lifestyle

This is the YouTube channel of former Korean professional volleyball player Kim Young-Kwon. Her channel showcases daily vlogs, volleyball-related content, ASMR, and more. One of her most popular videos is a review of the anime “Haikyuu!!” from a volleyball player’s perspective, which has garnered over 6 million views.


Subscribers: 2.39M
Topics: Cooking, Beauty

Freesia is not a makeup specialist, but she is a beauty YouTuber who has recently become a hot topic in Korea.
She is a participant in the popular Netflix show “Escape to Solo Island,” and her hot charm has attracted a lot of attention.

2.Psick University

Subscribers: 2.85M
Topics: Entertainment, Comedy

Pony quickly rose to become the top beauty YouTuber in Japan, even though she started her solo channel later than other popular YouTubers!
Being a professional makeup artist sets her apart, as her skills surpass those of ordinary makeup YouTubers. Moreover, her straightforward video editing approach enables viewers to glean useful information concisely.

1.PONY Syndrome

Subscribers: 5.96M
Topics: Beauty

Pony became the No. 1 beauty YouTuber in Japan in a short period of time, despite starting her solo channel later than other popular YouTubers!
Especially because she is a professional makeup artist, her makeup skills are superior to those of ordinary makeup YouTubers, and her simple video editing method allows her to get useful information in a short time.


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