Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Asia

The YouTube community is growing every day, and people continue to love it beyond the boundaries of any particular region or country. Among them, Asian YouTubers have been active on the platform for many years and have established an audience on YouTube.
Furthermore, while there are many genres on YouTube, one of the most popular is the “gaming” YouTuber.
In this article, we present the top 10 YouTubers who are active in Asia and share their gaming videos. If you are interested in more, you can check out their channels for inspiration.

Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Asia

  1. POCKY
  2. radaooo
  3. TIE Ru
  4. Naruni
  5. HikakinGames
  6. Techno Gamerz
  7. Total Gaming
  8. Frost Diamond
  9. MiawAug
  10. AS Gaming


Subscribers: 3.4M

Pocky is Having more than 3.28M subscribers, this Japanese gaming YouTuber plays games with long stories.
He also occasionally streams and does reaction videos.
Pocky loves to play playful and horror games thoroughly – from start to finish.
Because of this, his videos can be hours long.
And if you are a business looking for a Japanese gaming YouTuber to collaborate with, you can choose Pocky and prepare to gain more exposure with his massive audience. 


Subscribers: 1.19M

radaooo is a Japanese YouTuber.A video game distribution channel that posts live video games in a wide range of genres, including Among Us and Minecraft. The channel has a long history of live gaming and has a large and deep-rooted fan base.

3.TIE Ru

Subscribers: 835K

TIE Ru is a Japanese YouTuber. He runs the video creation group TIE Cinema. He is mainly engaged in the distribution of live-action montage videos of FPS games, and held the 4th place in overall kills in the world and the 1st place in sniper kills in the world for the PC version of the FPS game “Battlefield V.” He is also a member of the “Battlefield V” team.


Subscribers: 580K

Naruni is Creator of original game reviews, strategy and play-by-play videos. His low-pitched, handsome voice and unique perspective, as well as his accurate and easy-to-understand game insights for all viewers, have gained enthusiastic popularity among viewers.


Subscribers: 5.9M

Hikakin, born Hikaru Kaihatsu, is a famous Japanese YouTuber, beatboxer, and co-founder of UUUM, a Japanese media network.
Hikakin is one of the most famous YouTubers in Japan, releasing videos across his 4 active official YouTube channels, HIKAKIN (His main channel), HikakinTV, HikakinGames and HikakinBlog. With popular Twitter, TikTok and Instagram accounts
HikakinGames, the most subscribed channel in Japan for games, has more than 2,120 videos and 7.2 billion views.

6.Techno Gamerz

Subscribers: 37M

Techno Gamerz (also known as Techno Gamers) is an Indian YouTube channel run by Ujjwal Chaurasia, which is his actual name.
He is the No. 1 gaming YouTube channel in the Asian region.
He is primarily known for his gameplay videos, especially those of Minecraft and GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V). He also offers tutorials, tips and tricks about the games.
Techno Gamerz’s channel is very popular among Indian youth and gaming enthusiasts and attracts many subscribers. He is a fan favorite not only for his gameplay skills, but also for his humorous commentary style. His videos are available in Hindi and are widely watched around the world, especially by Indian viewers.

7.Total Gaming

Subscribers: 37M

Total Gaming is a famous Indian gaming YouTuber whose real name is Ajay. He is mainly known for his content on a mobile battle royale game called Garena Free Fire.Ajay runs the Total Gaming channel, where he provides Free Fire play videos, live streams, gameplay tips and tactics, and more.
Total Gaming is very popular in the Indian YouTube gaming community and has a large following. Ajay’s gameplay skills and entertaining content have earned his Total Gaming channel a large subscriber base.
He has also participated in various tournaments and competitions and has excelled in his play; Total Gaming’s success demonstrates his important role in the growth of the Indian gaming community.

8.Frost Diamond

Subscribers: 34M

Frost Diamond’s real name is Cananda Widiantara. He was born on June 23, 1997 in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Frost Diamond chose to quit school when he was a college student to pursue his dream of becoming a YouTuber.
In 2017, Frost Diamond began creating and uploading his own videos to YouTube, experimenting with Minecraft as his content. At the time, his channel name was BrustFace. And the response from viewers was positive.
The word “Frost” came from the winter-themed, snow-loving movie “Home Alone.” He admitted that the word just popped into his head when he was looking for a name for his channel. The word “diamond” is taken from one of the most popular materials in Minecraft.


Subscribers: 21M

MiawAug is an Indonesian YouTuber known mainly for his gaming content; MiawAug’s YouTube channel consists of videos of him playing various games, especially Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Free Fire, among others.
MiawAug focuses not only on her gameplay skills, but also on fun entertainment and communication with her viewers. He offers a variety of in-game adventures, story modes, and challenges that have made him a fan favorite.
He also uploads a Vlog where he shares real life events and daily routines.MiawAug has built his fan base not only through his gameplay, but also by communicating with his audience through his unique personality and approachable style.

10.AS Gaming

Subscribers: 21M

AS Gaming is an Indian YouTuber known for his content centered around a mobile battle royale game called Garena Free Fire. He offers gameplay videos, tips, tricks, and challenges on his YouTube channel.
AS Gaming is known not only for his gameplay skills, but also for his viewer interaction and humorous commentary style. His content is primarily available in Hindi and is aimed at Indian audiences, and AS Gaming has participated in Free Fire events and tournaments, where his track record has earned him a strong following among viewers.
His YouTube channel features gameplay as well as various challenges, events, and updates about the game. AS Gaming is very popular in the Indian gaming community and has a large subscriber and fan base.


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