Top 10 Advertising Agencies in Japan

Japan is one of the largest economies in the world and has tremendous market potential.
However, the Japanese market has its own rules and customs.
If your company wants to enter or successfully market in Japan, the cooperation of a Japanese advertising agency, which I will mention now, is essential.

These agencies maintain local networks and partnerships that allow them to quickly introduce your products and services to the market. They also have professional staff who are familiar with the local language and culture, which ensures that your advertising and promotions are appropriate and effective.

In addition, the agency understands the Japanese people well and can provide the right approach for your business. In addition, Japanese consumers tend to place a premium on reliability and brand history, and a campaign conducted through an agency can help build local trust.
In general, using a marketing agency can minimize risk and ensure an effective and sustainable entry into the Japanese market.

For this issue, we have selected the top 10 Japanese advertising agencies with strengths in a variety of marketing disciplines. Use this carefully selected list to grow and promote your business in Japan.

The 10 Best Advertising Agencies  Japan 2024

  1. hotice
  2. O’z
  3. tete marche
  4. Toridori Marketing
  5. 3minute
  6. Cyber Agent
  7. Dentsu Digital
  8. irep
  10. SEED


Service: Influencer Marketing

hotice is a company specializing in influencer marketing in Japan and other Asian countries. hotice draws from a network of over 5,000 influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. We can recommend the best influencers for your marketing activities in Japan.
hotice also offers SNS management, consulting, ad serving, and video editing services in Japan.
Furthermore, their company is staffed by native English speakers, so communication in English is very smooth.
Because hotice can suggest the best influencers for any industry or service, they can be a great help to international brand companies looking to enter the Japanese market.
When considering these services, you may want to consider hotice.


Service:Mid-sized advertising agency

O’z is a general agency specializing in “sales promotion and awareness expansion” in Japan.
They provide services not only in the area of digital marketing, but also to businesses providing store business.
Based on the client’s issues, they provide comprehensive support from casting to creative production and event execution.
The events they plan can be offline or online, so they will help you expand your recognition in Japan.

3.tete marche

Service:SNS Marketing

In addition to communication planning such as SNS operation support and brand production, tete marche has its own research institute, data analysis tools, and big data.
Based on their assets, they contribute to solving clients’ issues from both “Creative” and “Scientific” perspectives.
In their SNS account management, they provide value aimed at expanding your company’s brand message, and help improve issues such as resources and know-how of the people in charge of operation.
Furthermore, they can also help with brand production.
With their “strategic planning” and “communication design” reflecting user insights that they have cultivated through SNS marketing support, they will connect the future of your brand with the hidden truths of Japanese consumers and create a brand that will be truly loved by those who share and resonate with your brand. We are looking forward to working with you.

4.Toridori Marketing

Service: Influencer Marketing

Toridori Marketing is a company that provides a platform for social networking customer attraction measures in Japan.Their services can be combined to measure products and services from awareness to purchase consideration.
They have two services called “toridori marketing” and “toridori likes”.Toridori Marketing is a platform-based service that directly matches companies with influencers.Its service is offered at a fixed monthly fee, providing a low-cost and easy way for anyone to experience the benefits of influencer PR.
It is also attractive because of its reliable support system that ensures that PR is conducted in accordance with Japanese law.


Service:Influencer Marketing

3minute” is a company that provides comprehensive support for social media marketing.
You will be able to get one-stop support for all the influencer marketing-related tasks you need in Japan, including strategic planning, content planning, live streaming support, analysis improvement, influencer casting, and more.
They also have a solid creative team that will bring your marketing plan to life.This company has a team of highly experienced video creators, art directors, and photographers.They will help you realize your strategy-based plan with speedy and high-quality creative and contribute to generating results.
You can also rest assured that the company has planners who are well versed in Japanese social media trends and markets.

6.Cyber Agent

Service: Major digital advertising agency

CyberAgent is a major domestic advertising agency in Japan, and is a rapidly growing company that operates its own media and game businesses.
In particular, although our advertising business is a start-up business, it has grown every year, and because we take on all major clients in Japan, we carry out advertising operations with a high level of knowledge and level.
Furthermore, it is not limited to advertising sales, but is also expanding its collaboration with major companies in various industries, including creative production that makes full use of cutting-edge technologies such as AI-based technology and 3DCG, and newly entering the digital transformation business.

7.Dentsu Digital

Service: Major digital advertising agency

Dentsu Digital is a group company of Dentsu, Japan’s largest agency, and specializes in the digital marketing field.
They have four core services: Transformation, Creative, Communication, and Global.
From policy-based requests such as search advertisements and landing page creation to planning digital marketing strategies in Japan, you can expect to receive high-quality services.


Service: Major digital advertising agency

irep is a group company of Hakuhodo, a major domestic agency in Japan. They systematically provide the services necessary for digital-based integrated marketing.
They offer five core services: consulting, research & analytics, communication planning, PDCA management, and data & system infrastructure development.
You will receive a very high level of service.


Service:Affiliate/Ad network agency

ADWAYS offers an ad platform (ad serving platform) and also provides marketing consulting for their own clients.
Their consulting services include marketing strategy development, full-funnel and full-channel tactical development, and execution.
The platform they offer is particularly specialized for affiliates and supports the leading channels in the Japanese market.


Strategy: Affiliate,Ad network

SEED has 18 years of experience as an agency specializing in affiliate marketing.
They are an agency with a lot of know-how in affiliate management, and they do not depend on ASPs, but will develop media suitable for their clients by themselves.
In Japan, affiliate is still a powerful channel, so they will be able to propose you to find and operate media suitable for your service.


Marketing is essential for business success in Japan. You will need the help of these agencies, which are well-versed in marketing and advertising in Japan, a country with a unique culture.We hope this list will help you find the best marketing agency. We wish you success with your business in Japan.
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to be continuously active on social networking sites, we support them in various ways
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