The 20 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Japan – 2024

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world and a leader in cutting-edge technology across diverse fields such as the automotive industry, electronics, robotics, and entertainment, including manga and anime. This blend of ancient culture and modern innovation makes Japan an attractive market.

However, entering the Japanese market is challenging. The country’s unique business culture, mindset, and national character mean that success in Europe or the United States does not guarantee success in Japan. Numerous companies have struggled and even withdrawn from the Japanese market. Therefore, marketing strategies must be carefully developed and executed with a deep understanding of these nuances. Working with a Japanese digital marketing agency can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Japan is highly digitally advanced, with an Internet penetration rate of approximately 83%, comparable to that of the United States. Japanese consumers routinely use search engines like Google and social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to gather information. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok also play a significant role in influencing purchasing decisions.

The 20 Best Digital Marketing Agencies  Japan 2024

  1. hotice
  2. O’z
  3. tete marche
  4. Toridori Marketing
  5. Cross Ring
  6. Find model
  7. 3minute
  8. Gaiax
  9. Cyber Agent
  10. opt
  11. Dentsu Digital
  13. irep
  14. ADK
  15. trans cosmos
  16. Avic
  17. ADWAYS
  19. Interspace
  20. Fan communications


Service: Influencer Marketing

Hotice is a company specializing in influencer marketing in Japan and other Asian countries. Hotice draws from a network of over 5,000 influencers on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more. We can recommend the best influencers for your marketing activities in Japan.
Hotice also offers SNS management, consulting, ad serving, and video editing services in Japan. Furthermore, the company is staffed by native English speakers, ensuring very smooth communication in English.
Because Hotice can suggest the best influencers for any industry or service, they can be a great help to international brand companies looking to enter the Japanese market.
When considering these services, you may want to consider Hotice.


Service:Mid-sized advertising agency

O’z is a general agency specializing in “sales promotion and awareness expansion” in Japan. They provide services not only in the area of digital marketing but also to businesses operating physical stores.
Based on the client’s issues, they offer comprehensive support from casting to creative production and event execution. The events they plan can be either offline or online, helping you expand your recognition in Japan.

3.tete marche

Service:SNS Marketing

In addition to communication planning such as SNS operation support and brand production, Tete Marche has its own research institute, data analysis tools, and access to big data. Utilizing these assets, they address clients’ issues from both “Creative” and “Scientific” perspectives.
In their SNS account management, they provide value aimed at expanding your company’s brand message and help to improve issues such as the resources and know-how of those in charge of operations. Furthermore, they also assist with brand production.
With their “strategic planning” and “communication design,” which reflect user insights cultivated through SNS marketing support, they connect the future of your brand to the hidden truths of Japanese consumers, creating a brand that will be truly loved by those who share and resonate with it. We look forward to working with you.

4.Toridori Marketing

Service: Influencer Marketing

Toridori Marketing is a company that provides a platform for social networking customer attraction measures in Japan. Their services can be combined to measure products and services from awareness to purchase consideration.
They offer two services called “Toridori Marketing” and “Toridori Likes.” Toridori Marketing is a platform-based service that directly matches companies with influencers. This service is offered at a fixed monthly fee, providing a low-cost and easy way for anyone to experience the benefits of influencer PR. It is also attractive because of its reliable support system that ensures PR activities are conducted in accordance with Japanese law.

5.Cross Ring

Service: Influencer Marketing

Cross Ring is a marketing company within the KDDI group, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications companies. Founded in 2003, they are a prominent player in the Japanese influencer marketing industry.
Cross Ring has developed an analytics engine called SPRAY, which performs detailed profiling of “images” and “text” posted on social media by accounts, including influencers, through image analysis and natural language processing. They possess technology that not only visualizes influence but also automates the ongoing operation of campaign initiatives and the establishment and improvement of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) flows using deep insight information such as account interest data and fan demographic data.
With their industry-leading know-how and technology, they can be a strong partner for brands and advertising agencies needing safe influencer marketing that complies with Japanese laws and regulations.

6.Find model

Service:Influencer Marketing

Find Model is a service that enables casting from celebrities who have appeared on Japanese TV to micro-influencers who have many core fans in their niche. It is a PR service that can reach more than 250 million Japanese people with their real impressions through SNS.
Their services include Japanese influencer PR, SNS ad management, and official account representation. Their strengths lie in the high quality of their influencers, the speed and quality of the content of the reports submitted after PR implementation, and the absence of initial costs.
You can also rest assured that their service scope covers not only website traffic but also real-world marketing such as in-store promotions.


Service:Influencer Marketing

3minute is a company that provides comprehensive support for social media marketing. You will be able to receive one-stop support for all the influencer marketing-related tasks you need in Japan, including strategic planning, content planning, live streaming support, analysis improvement, and influencer casting, among others.
They also boast a solid creative team that will bring your marketing plans to life. This company employs a team of highly experienced video creators, art directors, and photographers who will help you realize your strategy-based plans with speedy and high-quality creative input, contributing to generating results.
Additionally, you can rest assured that the company has planners who are well-versed in Japanese social media trends and markets.


Service:SNS Marketing

Gaiax is a well-established company that has been in the business since the dawn of social media marketing in Japan and possesses many years of knowledge and experience across a wide range of industries and media.
Gaiax can provide not only operational support for Japan’s social networking sites but also research on potential customers, from awareness to recommendations.
They customize the best measures that lead to cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral changes in Japanese consumers, and propose and provide overall marketing optimization centered on SNS. Their services cover SNS operation, marketing strategy design, creative photography and production, marketing research, SNS posting and consulting, as well as countermeasures against negative social media interactions.
They offer many services under one company, enabling you to find the best solutions tailored to your needs.

9.Cyber Agent

Service: Major digital advertising agency

CyberAgent is a major domestic advertising agency in Japan and a rapidly growing company that operates its own media and game businesses.
Although our advertising business is a start-up, it has grown every year. Since we handle all major clients in Japan, we conduct advertising operations with a high level of expertise. Furthermore, our activities are not limited to advertising sales; we are also expanding our collaborations with major companies across various industries.
This includes creative production that leverages cutting-edge technologies such as AI-based technology and 3DCG, as well as venturing into the digital transformation business.


Service: Major digital advertising agency

As a specialized agency for Internet advertising, OPT’s strength lies in the track record and expertise that have led the industry since its inception.
They specialize in speedy business development, capitalizing on the agility unique to independent companies. OPT executes at a high level in all aspects of the process, including formulating marketing strategies in Japan, developing and planning Internet advertising measures, managing purchases and operations, and producing creative content.

11.Dentsu Digital

Service: Major digital advertising agency

Dentsu Digital is a group company of Dentsu, Japan’s largest agency, specializing in the digital marketing field.
They offer four core services: Transformation, Creative, Communication, and Global. From executing policy-based tasks such as search advertisements and landing page creation to planning digital marketing strategies in Japan, you can expect to receive high-quality services.


Service: Major digital advertising agency

Septeni is a member of the Dentsu Group, Japan’s largest advertising agency.
The company excels in the digital marketing business, particularly in digital advertising. Currently, in addition to our existing advertising operations, we provide comprehensive support for corporate digitalization by offering solutions that utilize customer data and AI.


Service: Major digital advertising agency

irep is a group company of Hakuhodo, a major domestic agency in Japan. They systematically provide the services necessary for digital-based integrated marketing.
They offer five core services: consulting, research & analytics, communication planning, PDCA management, and data & system infrastructure development. You can expect to receive a very high level of service.


Service: Major digital advertising agency

ADK Holdings is the third-largest advertising agency group in Japan. Within the ADK Group, ADK Marketing Solutions is recognized for having the strongest digital marketing capabilities.
The company excels not only in digital marketing but also in mass marketing. They offer comprehensive support for your marketing issues across mass media, digital media, social media, and real activation events, from strategy planning to implementation and effectiveness verification.

15.trans cosmos

Service: Major digital advertising agency

Trans cosmos is a company that employs unique methods to help clients increase sales and optimize costs. They are also proficient in digital marketing and will assist you in attracting customers through various channels.
Additionally, Trans cosmos is unique in that it acts as a business partner to client companies, providing outsourcing services that comprehensively and globally support sales expansion and cost optimization.


Service:Mid-sized advertising agency

Avic is a company known for its strength in digital marketing consulting. They provide a wide range of support, from designing digital marketing strategies to customer attraction measures and advertising operations, all aligned with a company’s business strategy.
They will help your company maximize the return on its marketing investments in Japan.


Service:Affiliate/Ad network agency

ADWAYS offers an ad platform (ad serving platform) and also provides marketing consulting for their own clients.
Their consulting services include marketing strategy development, full-funnel and full-channel tactical development, and execution.
The platform they offer is particularly specialized for affiliates and supports the leading channels in the Japanese market.


Service:Affiliate/Ad network agency

VALUE COMMERCE is an affiliate provider and a company that supports EC businesses with a variety of services.
As an example, it offers CRM tools for online malls.
They can help you maximize your LTV as well as acquire new customers.


Service:Affiliate/Ad network agency

Interspace is an affiliate provider and multiple media operator.
They offer an affiliate network named “accessstrade”.
Access Trade’s strengths are in the categories of “e-commerce,” “services,” “finance and insurance,” “entertainment,” and “other.
Your business may also lead you to affiliate success in Japan!

20.Fan communications

Service:Affiliate/Ad network agency

Fan communications operates, Japan’s largest affiliate service provider. is well known to Japanese marketing professionals, having been ranked #1 in affiliate ASP satisfaction for 13 consecutive years.
In addition, they operate several other platforms within the contingency fee-based ad network business.


Japan is an economic powerhouse and an attractive market for international brands to expand their business. However, Japan has unique consumer behavior, culture, values, and business practices, so marketing strategies similar to those in Europe and the United States will not work. To succeed in Japan, you need the help of a digital marketing agency that is an expert in Japanese marketing and advertising.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect marketing agency for your next brand campaign in Japan. I wish your business success in Japan.

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