The 10 Best Influencer & Social Media Marketing Agencies in Taiwan

Looking for an influencer or social media agency in Taiwan?

In recent years, influencer and social media marketing has emerged in Taiwan. Social media influencers can forge strong connections with their audiences that traditional advertising cannot replicate. Aggressive sales tactics are becoming outdated, while trusted influencers are gaining prominence. As consumers increasingly seek authentic opinions, influencers, and social media have become integral to modern marketing strategies.

Social media has swept the Taiwanese market by storm. Taiwan boasts 21 million active social media users, accounting for nearly 90% of the total population. Taiwanese individuals spend an average of two hours per day on social media platforms. Many Taiwanese influencers are active on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. It’s undeniable that influencer marketing is an effective marketing tool in this country.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top influencer and social media marketing agencies in Taiwan to help kickstart your marketing campaigns in the region.

The 10  Best Influencer & Social Media Marketing Agencies in Taiwan

  1. hotice
  2. MONIgroup
  3. E21
  4. BLK Soda
  5. Asiapac
  6. World-share
  7. Pineapple Web
  8. Media Gate Group Co. Ltd
  9. Sway Society 
  10. Gremlin Works


Service: Influencer Marketing

hotice is a company specializing in influencer marketing in Japan and other Asian countries. hotice draws from a network of over 5,000 influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. We can recommend the best influencers for your marketing activities in Japan.
hotice also offers SNS management, consulting, ad serving, and video editing services in Japan.
Furthermore, their company is staffed by native English speakers, so communication in English is very smooth.
Because hotice can suggest the best influencers for any industry or service, they can be a great help to international brand companies looking to enter the Japanese market.
When considering these services, you may want to consider hotice.


Service:Influencer Marketing

MONI is a Taiwanese influencer marketing agency that has expanded its services to Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries. This award-winning digital agency has experience across various industries, including fashion, beauty, hospitality, and education, collaborating with popular brands such as Max Coffee, Calvin Klein, and Marriott.

MONI is recognized as the most trusted and sought-after digital agency partner for brands in Asia. Their vision is to maintain this reputation and continue being the top choice for brands across the region.

One of their successful campaigns was the #MyCalvins campaign for the renowned international brand Calvin Klein. MONI executed unique in-store experiences in six major APAC cities, including Taipei, Taiwan. The campaign saw over 500 photos taken per day and captured data from more than 20,000 customers.


Service:Influencer Marketing

Founded in January 1994, e21mm is an integrated marketing company that acts quickly and expands rapidly. It is committed to helping customers see the market development trends in Europe, America and Asia Pacific. We have many years of experience in conferences, exhibitions, event management, digital marketing, interactive marketing, public relations and brand management, and marketing strategies in terms of business development.

4.BLK Soda

Service: Influencer Marketing

BLK Soda was founded in 2019 as a full-service PR and marketing agency with an unmatched network of media and influencers that deliver results. We are a diverse team of marketing and PR professionals who think strategically and provide practical solutions.
BLK Soda wanted to gain inspiration from ready-to-use ideas for future gaming laptops with ACER Predator, one of the world’s leading PC gaming brands. Working with Cooler Master, we rethought the design of the Predator Helios laptop, paving the way for future gaming laptops.


Service: Influencer Marketing

In addition to influencer marketing, AsiaPAC offers content marketing, video marketing, SEO, and SEM. AsiaPAC offers a full-stack AI influencer management platform and has a strong influencer network with a variety of backgrounds. In addition, they offer localized support in many parts of Asia. This trusted marketing agency puts companies at ease considering their more than 15 years of experience in influencer marketing for AsiaPAC.
One of their satisfied clients, Cole Haan, gained 80% new customers and nearly 200% online revenue in one quarter. This is a result of Asiapac’s strategy of cross-channel, awareness-driven campaigns in the upper funnel.


Service:Influencer Marketing

Worldshare is a boutique branding, advertising, and design studio that offers fresh strategies to make brands stand out. From corporate identities to websites, from packaging to motivational slogans, Worldshare offers world-class execution that drives sales and builds brand differentiation.

7.Pineapple Web

Service:Influencer Marketing

Pineapple Web is a Taiwanese digital agency that aims to be a one-stop digital agency providing solutions to its clients. We provide web design, web programming, SEO strategy, web analytics, and online advertising services.
One of Pineapple Web’s project examples is “Live in Taiwan,” an online platform that aims to provide non-Chinese speaking people living in Taiwan with a place to buy goods, find a place to live, find a job, and attend events. Pineapple Web helped this company succeed by creating a scalable web application that now has over 1,200 accommodations available on its website.

8.Media Gate Group Co. Ltd

Service:Influencer Marketing

Founded in 2001, Media Gate Group focuses primarily on providing social media marketing services to the technology industry. The agency has already worked with big brands such as ASUS, Giada, Gigabyte, Adata, and Transcend. Media Gate Group offers a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes Google ad services, landing page optimization, and video marketing.

9.Sway Society

Service: Influencer Marketing

Sway Society is a social media marketing agency specializing in the micro-influencer community. In addition to introducing brands to micro-influencers, Sway Society also offers content creation services and social media management. The agency is led by young digital marketing professionals who bring dynamic and fresh ideas to the marketplace, and Sway Society also believes in providing quality services at affordable prices.

10.Gremlin Works

Service: Influencer Marketing

Gremlin Works is Taipei’s leading international digital agency. Gremlin Works originated in the UK and is currently doing business in Taiwan. Gremlin Works promises their clients extensive referrals of their business not only locally, but also to the entire world. Their services include social media marketing, SEO, PPC, KOL, and design.
With a multinational team based in the UK and Taiwan, they have over 8,000 international niche KOLs. Brands they have worked with include Taiwan Smart Machinery, British Chamber, BenQ, and Caware.


Choosing the right influencers is a daunting task. Finding local KOLs and micro-influencers who can represent your brand is no easy task. In these cases, partnering with a local influencer marketing agency is the best solution.

Among them We provide a sales and marketing support service to help influencers and creators to be continuously active on social networking sites, we support them in various ways.
We will support influencers and creators in a variety of ways, focusing on the sales aspect.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more information.